Project Description

Torresdale Water Pumping Station

The Torresdale Water Pumping Station supplies nearly one-quarter of Philadelphia with clean drinking water each day. Pumping stations are critical, working around the clock to ensure water is delivered at adequate pressure and can reach every building, hospital and fire hydrant in the city.

A.P.’s five-year endeavor entailed general, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC contracts. The scope of this project encompassed the installation of 14 state-of-the-art pumps, advanced flow meters that increase and ensure efficiency, more advanced electrical controls and equipment allowing for precise operation of the system.

The construction involves separating different size pumps to increase flexibility for those operating the facility. The water pump station controller is now able to take one pump out of service, repair it and not affect the output and quality of water flow. 

A.P.’s utility construction work at the Torresdale Water Pumping Station results in the direct health and safety benefits for Philadelphians. 

Project Details


Philadelphia Water Department


8601 State Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Brown and Caldwell

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