Recognized as one of the Delaware Valley’s leading general contractors, A.P. continues the old world custom of commitment to quality, maintaining relationships, and getting the job done right the first time. As we grow and prosper as a company, it has become even more critical to us to define our core values from which we develop our culture, our company, and our business relationships.

The principal core values that drive our daily operations are:

  • Focus on Safety;
  • Build open and honest relationships;
  • Listen attentively, communicate swiftly and react quickly;
  • Be dedicated;
  • Hire and support locally;
  • Work hard and intelligently;
  • Be a positive influence;
  • Pursue growth and learning;
  • Plan for the future;
  • Focus on safety… its worth repeating.


The Environmental Health and Safety Division of A.P. Construction is an integral part of the company’s overall risk management. The division is responsible for the oversight and implementation of the company’s health and safety programs. A.P. Construction’s 68 year history has demonstrated that the more aligned all involved parties are with our safety program, including employees, subcontractors and partners, the safer the project outcome.

A safe project = A successful project.

At A.P. Construction, we evaluate our operations continuously to make our organization one of the safest in the industry. A.P.’s safety-first attitude is ingrained in each project – from the bid process to punch list. Our safety culture attempts to remove all worksite safety occurrences with safety engagements starting at the beginning of each project. We perform compulsory safety inspections on every job site on a daily basis and we hold a weekly Toolbox Talk Series on each project, and perform job-specific OSHA training – all of which has helped create an effective, reliable and safe environment within the company.

At A.P. Construction we understand:

  • Injuries are preventable;
  • Always perform work safely;
  • Working safely is a condition of employment;
  • If it’s not safe, stop the project;
  • Safety is the key to a successful job.

We strive to improve our safety agenda, continuously creating and enforcing programs that reduce risk whether through a best practice, updated guidelines, or a new policy. These measures result in a successful and long track record of bridging the company’s safety standards with the reality of on-site project operations, further supporting and driving the message that safety is our number one priority – to all levels of field and project staff.

A.P. is dedicated to Safely Building Excellence.


A.P. Construction, Inc. is not only planning for our future, we are planning for the future of those around us. Our Community Fostering (CF) Program objective is to give back – to our employees, our clients, and our community. The CF Program steers the philanthropy of our company as we move ahead, maximizing long-term development, environmental protection, social responsibility, and community relations.

Some superb initiatives that show A.P. truly cares:

A.P.’s CF Program is essential to our AP family, our clients, and our partners. We willingly give, in support of our community and our corporate responsibility.