AP Construction, Inc. is a family-owned, 3rd generation, general construction firm whose beginnings commenced installing pipe in the cobble-stoned streets of Philadelphia. After years of great effort and dedication, AP began contracting utility work in the entire Tri-State area. We then began building facilities, reconstructing tunnels, and managing million dollar projects. Partners and clients embraced our superior work ethic and the corporation prospered hand-in-hand with business relationships.

This AP reputation based on intelligence, teamwork, and perseverance continues at this very moment, on every AP job site around the Delaware Valley. Developing relationships with our clients and subcontractors via hard work was established in 1954. To hold a tradition that was started over 6 decades ago is an enormous accomplishment within itself — and we couldn’t be more proud. It’s a legacy that began with Amedeo Petrongolo, Sr. who founded the company. Needless to say, the letters “AP” were much more than a logo to him – they stood for his name and his reputation. He took great pride in the work AP performed, always stressing commitment to quality and client satisfaction — and that legacy continues today.


Amedeo Petrongolo, Sr. established AP Construction, Inc. 65 years ago  — based on the principles of commitment, teamwork and core values. On a daily basis, we uphold our founder’s vision to deliver high-quality services to our clients, build long-lasting relationships through our hard-work, and insist upon giving back to the surrounding communities that help us thrive.

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We love what we do — and it shows in our project portfolio. We began our first project on Boone Street, Philadelphia in 1955 and have not stopped since. We have been building excellence for our clients for over 65 years — and yes, we still love what we do.