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Make Philadelphia the greenest city in the United States. That is the aspiring goal of the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability set for Philadelphia. Reaching it would lend opportunity to re-position and re-purpose Philadelphia as a city of the future. With many diverse and progressive projects currently being fulfilled, Philadelphia is on it’s way to achieve this impressive goal.

A.P. Construction, Inc. is proud to be part of this green push and has made significant contributions in supporting this achievement. One such project that A.P. managed, designed and built is the Creative and Performing Arts High School, located in Philadelphia. The turnkey solution was a multi-million dollar facility which won distinctive awards for the city, including LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) status, as well as an AIA COTE Top Ten Green Project Award. You can read more about the award here: www.aiatopten.org/node/48

Another green project A.P. completed is the Race Street Pier and Wharf project which is a fine example of gentrified sustainability.

A.P. has also had the opportunity to enhance Philly’s green plans by being involved in the Philadelphia Eagles Lincoln Financial Field Solar and Wind project. It is the first of its kind, solar & windmill combination power generation stadium for the National Football league. In addition, A.P. Construction has completed a host of diverse green infrastructure initiatives throughout Philadelphia to enhance the City’s sustainability level. You can read more about the City’s green initiatives on their website Plan Philly.

As you can see, A.P. is dedicated to the city’s capacity to endure and is enthusiastic to make Philadelphia succeed, to reap the benefits of green living for many years to come.