Project Description

Mod 6/7 Chilled Water

The University of Pennsylvania called on the services of A.P. Construction, Inc., to build one of the largest networks of chilled water piping on the east coast.

Challenged with the task of routing large diameter mains through the utility filled streets of University City proved to be the critical aspect of both, the University’s Module 6/7 and the Biomedical Research Building II, district piping projects.

While University of Pennsylvania classes were in session, A.P. Construction’s forces installed over 14,000 feet of chilled water transmission piping and 3,000 feet of chilled water service piping to “feed” the various Penn campus facilities.

Project Details


University of Pennsylvania


University City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Pennoni Associates William J. Trefz Consulting Engineers, Inc., Horsham, Pennsylvania

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Mod 6/7 Chilled Water
Mod 6/7 Chilled Water
Mod 6/7 Chilled Water