What Have We Been Up To For The Last 70 Years You Ask?

Building Excellence


At A.P. Construction, we are very proud of our many accomplishments in our A.P. Marine division:

Completed by A.P. in 1979, the Fairmount Dam Fish Ladder is an intricate concrete structure that allows bass fish to bypass the waterfall — the complicated and detailed structure is now a Schuylkill River landmark;

In 1991 A.P. completed a precarious project to rebuild over 600 feet of collapsed river wall on the embankments of the Schuylkill River;

And, on the banks of the Delaware River our crews successfully constructed an intricate flood relief system which included over 500 feet of box culvert on timber piling, tide-gate, and complete outfall structure.

All solid proof of A.P.’s dedication to the Marine sector.

Below find more projects A.P. Construction has successfully completed, including a spooky ghost ship. Yikes!