70 Years of Experience to Share.

Building Excellence


A.P. Construction, Inc. is a Philadelphia/New Jersey based General Construction Firm specialized in diverse sectors and numerous market segments. The company has earned respect for undertaking large and complex projects, embracing emerging technologies, and for pure permanency – sixty years and counting which is highlighted in our timeline.

As a General Contractor, A.P. Construction is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of every construction site we maintain, the management of vendors and trades, as well as, the swift communication of information to all involved parties, throughout the life of the project.

A.P. Construction embraces a culture that emphasizes collaboration, reliability of scheduling, and the delivery of high quality on-time construction solutions, while using the best superintendents, directors, craftsmen and managers in the Delaware Valley. Beginning with pre-construction and continuing throughout all phases of a project, these principles drive all A.P. Construction services.

At the on-set of each venture, A.P. establishes a clear definition of the owner’s needs. Based on a directing schedule with key milestones, A.P., along with the project stakeholders, develops the specific plan for each phase. A.P.’s goal is to keep all teams working on well-defined tasks at a reliable and predictable pace and to eliminate re-work, waiting and delays, to ensure a safe and timely delivery.

In addition, the General Construction work culture emphasizes eliminating waste in all forms, while creating predictable, reliable workflows. All A.P. projects develop and maintain a culture of continuous and successful developments – our project teams have experienced improvements in trade contractor relationships, communication, scope definition, coordination, and cost & schedule performance.