Project Description

Viaduct Rail Park: Phase One

On the northern edge of Philadelphia’s Chinatown sits an oasis, a testament to the city’s ability to coax new life from neglected ruins – the Rail Park.

The Rail Park is a vision of revitalizing three miles of unused rail lines into a usable, scenic, public space for all. In what is now called, “Phase One: The Viaduct.”

A.P. Construction revitalized a quarter-mile stretch of abandoned train tracks into a spacious, elevated park with plenty of trees, plants, and bench swings to relax. This phase now connects 10 neighborhoods and 50 city blocks with pathways that lead to amazing views of Philadelphia.

The park is unlike any other outdoor space in Philadelphia because of its history, span, elevation, and greenery. A.P.’s project efforts included infrastructure, foundation, landscaping, painting, bridge rehabilitation, various restoration repairs, and installation tasks.

This beautiful public space is bringing Philadelphians and visitors together, allowing them recreational space to connect, exercise, and relax.

Project Details


Center City District


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Urban Engineers, Inc.

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