Project Description

Race Street Pier

The Race Street Pier has now become a spectacular new open space park, which engages people from the adjacent neighborhoods, people from all parts of the City and tourists in a fresh and contemporary way to experience the Delaware River.

The physical design of the pier is split into two levels – an upper level with a grand sky promenade and a lower level for passive recreation and social gathering. A dramatic ramp rises along the north face alongside the bridge, dramatizing the sense of arriving in the space of the river. A lower terrace supports a lawn with generous seating and social space. The new park will feature 37 mature, 8-inch caliper, nearly fully grown trees, which will provide instant dramatic impact upon opening.

The new Race Street Pier is an early action project that sets new standards of excellence in design and public space. It represents a significant investment in a high quality public space intended to serve as a catalyst for the adjacent area and future development of the Central Delaware River Waterfront.

Project Details


City of Philadelphia


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


James Corner, Field Operations

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Race Street Pier
Race Street Pier
Race Street Pier