Project Description

Pleasantville Toll Plaza Pedestrian Bridge

A.P. Construction, Inc. installed a pedestrian bridge at the Pleasantville toll plaza, located at the easternmost stretch of the Atlantic City Expressway, in Southern New Jersey.

Previously, toll collectors had to walk across lanes of expressway traffic to perform every day tasks such as emptying drop boxes from an automated coin-handling system, taking breaks or leaving after shift closings. This not only endangered workers but also forced several lane closings that caused traffic backups.

The project scope involved installing a single span structure, approximately 236 ft long x 14 ft wide, reaching the entire toll plaza, as well as a fully enclosed walkway with a prefabricated truss unit and tower area.

Other major work items:

  • Full HVAC systems along with interior lighting and fire protection for the walkway & tower areas.
  • Elevators along with stairs in each tower, which have 3 levels for mechanical / utility rooms and storage areas.
  • Mechanical lifts at four ACM booths ( 2 lanes in each direction ) for raising the coin vaults from the booths to the walkway.
  • Exterior cladding with a combination of insulated aluminum panels and insulated glass panels, while the towers consists of precast concrete panels, corrugated metal panels, and glass.

Project Details


South Jersey Transportation Authority


Pleasantville, New Jersey


Maguire Group, Inc. / Lawrenceville, New Jersey

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Pleasantville Toll Plaza Pedestrian Bridge