Project Description

PHL Rehabilitation of Runway 9R-27L and Connector Taxiways

The scope of this 13-phase endeavor was to rehabilitate the existing runway lighting system at the Philadelphia International Airport. The project tasks included the removal, installation and energizing of the extensive lighting system, followed by the rehabilitation of the runway asphalt landing strip. A.P. crews coordinated with PHL operations and performed during night hours to have the taxiway available for operational use at 6:00 a.m. every morning.

The mission also required the installation of runway center-line lights, edge and end lights, touchdown zone and taxiway center-line lights, as well as the required guidance signage. In addition, A.P. put in place the current regulator and surface sensors and arranged the underground electrical distribution system. This multi-million dollar, multi-phase runway project, was finished on-time and within budget.

Project Details


City of Philadelphia


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Michael Baker – Burns Engineers

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PIA 9r-27l
PIA 9r-27l
PIA 9r-27l