Project Description

SJPC Pumphouse Demolition and Slope Stabilization

The South Jersey Port Corporation awarded A.P. Construction with the pumphouse demolition and slope stabilization project at the SJPC Broadway Terminal, Camden, New Jersey.

After the sudden collapse of the aged pumphouse, A.P. performed emergency demolition on the remaining portion. We then removed the building debris, concrete, low deck timber structures and loose creosote timber piles. The asphalt roadway and concrete were milled to perform the slope stabilization.

The next phase was to install structural fill, geotechnical filter fabric, stone bedding composed of coarse aggregate and riprap stone for slope stabilization along the embankment. The roadway was replaced with bituminous paved walkways and new timber guide rails to match the existing railing. Lastly the rubble was hauled to an off-site waste management facility.

This project highlights A.P. Construction’s marine capabilities in helping the South Jersey Port Corporation build a safer Broadway Terminal.

Project Details


South Jersey Port Corporation


Camden, New Jersey


S.T. Hudson Engineers Inc.

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