Project Description

Kaighn Avenue – West Tide Gates

The concrete tidal gate in Pennsauken Township, Camden County, NJ was built in 1938. The dam was constructed to prevent tidal flow into Cooper River Lake at high tide. A.P. Construction was awarded the restoration of the Kaighn Avenue Tidal Dam – West Tide Gate. 

To complete this intricate project A.P.’s work included: the placement of a temporary steel cofferdam, removal of the existing walkway, installation of a hydraulic lifting system and dewatering system during rehabilitation work. A.P. removed the entire west tide gate, cleaned and coated the surface then, replaced the damaged wheel guide rails and water seals.

After the repairs, A.P. used the crane to rig the revitalized West Tide Gate back into position. The hydraulic lifting system was reinstalled along with the existing walkway, access ladders, and newly painted guide rail. 

A.P. tested and inspected the restored gate, control room and hydraulic lifting system. After which the temporary cofferdam was removed. 

A.P.’s work ensures that Cooper Lake remains a centerpiece of the Copper River Park and provides stormwater retention capacity to one of the nation’s most celebrated venues for rowing regattas.

Project Details


Camden Country Department of Public Works


Pennsauken Township, Camden County, New Jersey



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