Project Description

Early Childhood Development Center Replacement Project

The Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) is located on Pine Street near Forest Hill School in Camden, New Jersey.

The ECDC school is designed to include 37 classrooms for pre-kindergarten students ages 3 through 5. The facility will accommodate space for students with disabilities, along with dedicated music, art and specialized program classrooms. The completed school size is approximately 81,800 square feet and will accommodate 444 students and members of the faculty.

A.P. Construction, Inc. was called on to install 470ea. – 7′ O.D. micro-piles necessary to support foundation footings. A.P. utilized two Casagrande C6 hydraulic crawler drill rigs equipped with alternate drill fittings to complete micro-pile casing, titan bar installation and pile grouting. Micro-pile casing varied from 20′ to 35′ through organic fills, overall micro-pile lengths varied from 60 to 70 feet into underlying competent soils.

Project Details


New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation


Camden, New Jersey


Langan Engineering Environmental Services / Trenton, New Jersey

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Early Childhood Development Center
Early Childhood Development Center