Project Description

Ghost Ship Installation

The Ghost Ship installation was the first exhibit curated by the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation’s new arts program, and it was a huge success.

The installation, completed by A.P. Construction, used mist fountains anchored underwater and lighting projections, from a platform on the surface of the river, portraying the three-dimensional hologram. The 90-foot-long art installation was created with translucent sails and misty masts, to shine a light on the history of the Delaware River and its role in shaping Philadelphia today.

It was a spooky sight to see in the month it was on display. This project is just the beginning to explore the city’s diversity and culture in a series of future art installations.

A.P. Construction was proud to be part of the debut project for the Waterfront Arts Program.

Here is a link about the authors of the Ghost Ship

Project Details


Delaware River Waterfront Corporation


Delaware River, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Biangle Studios

Project Gallery