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Lincoln Financial Field Solar & Wind

Sunora Energy Solutons
Philadelphia, PA
Pennoni Associates

AP crews have recently participated in the completion of the 1st of its kind, solar & windmill combination power generation project for the National Football league, at the Eagles Stadium in Philadelphia. This innovative project adds to our sustainability portfolio.

The newly mounted system will generate enough energy to power 10 home games, and estimates protect that over 20 years the Eagles could save over $60 million dollars. The Eagles hope to one-day make the stadium the first major arena in the world to generate its own electricity.

AP worked in tandem with other contractors to complete the endeavor, which included site & foundation work, the installation of solar canopies, as well as 14 micro wind-turbines. The entire system will have more than 3 MW generating capacity with 11,000 solar panels. The fixed solar panels in the stadium parking lot generate the bulk of renewable power. In addition, solar panels were constructed along an adjacent street and on the stadium’s south wall.

Today, the Philadelphia Eagles Lincoln Financial Field Stadium is the largest solar-power system in the NFL and in the Philadelphia area.