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I-78 Toll Plaza E-Z Plaza

Delaware River Joint Toll Commission
Williams Township, PA
KS Engineers

The I-78 Bridge serves as a critical link between Newark, NJ and Harrisburg, PA and is used by long-haul truckers going to and from the Newark/Elizabeth ports region. The I-78 facility has the highest traffic volumes of any of the seven toll bridges in the Commission’s system.

The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission engaged A.P. Construction to complete the Design/Build project of adding two Express E-Z Pass lanes, also known as Open Road Tolling (ORT) lanes, to the I-78 Toll Bridge’s toll plaza in Williams Township, Northampton County, PA.

Prior to the installation of Express E-Z Pass lanes, toll gates were removed from all lanes and a new camera-based toll violator tracking system were installed. After AP installed the Express E-Z Pass technology, motorists driving vehicles equipped with E-Z Pass are now able to pay their tolls while driving at highway speeds, avoiding the necessity of slowing down or stopping. Express E-Z Pass lanes reduce traffic congestion by processing up to 1800 cars per hour per lane as compared to 360 cars per hour per lane by manual toll collection.

The proposed toll plaza enhancements will resulted in two express E-Z Pass lanes and four mixed-mode toll lanes (Cash & E-Z Pass); All lanes are now able to process car and truck transactions;express E-Z Pass lanes are for through-traffic only; Safety upgrades include a concrete barrier between Express E-Z Pass lanes and conventional toll lanes and easier-to-read LED toll plaza signage; New signage for Express E-Z Pass and the toll plaza were installed along the I-78 approach roadway.

This successful AP project met the Commission’s goal to improve traffic capacity and safety at the toll plaza, as well as reduced delays and traffic backups.