• Green Infrastructure Initiatives

Green Infrastructure Initiatives

Philadelphia Water Department
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia Water Department

AP’s Green Infrastructure Improvements Project is a federally funded initiative that is part of a conscious effort, from the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD), the City of Philadelphia & Mayor Michael Nutter, to turn Philadelphia into a prospering, sustainable city. All of us have the ability to change the lives of future generations – and we are doing our part at AP.

The Green Infrastructure Improvements assignment involves diverse tasks at different locations throughout Philadelphia. This multi-million project will continue throughout many years and incorporates tasks such as excavation, utility work, grading, landscaping and paving.

AP will be installing multiple tree trenching storm water systems; Performing numerous aspects of landscaping such as rooting shrubs, trees, and plants; Adding rain gardens; Insetting 8” inlet connections including bedding & fittings; Setting stone storage wrapped in Geotextile; Placing diverse wells; Designing curb ramps; As well as many other efforts. Traffic maintenance & protection during the sewer work is another aspect AP is controlling during the mission.

A partial list of the work involved will take place on Dakota, Jefferson, Hutchinson, Master, Poplar, Diamond, Richmond, Jenks, Cottage and Worth Streets, as well as 4th, 8th, 10th, 24th & 25th Streets – all within the City of Philadelphia.

To learn more about the city’s push to go green, read more at www.phila.gov/green/index.html

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